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"The love of books is a love which requires neither justification, apology, nor defense."

- J.A. Langford (via observando)

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"What makes cinema so attractive, so fascinating is that it’s not just a one plus one process. It’s a chemistry between sounds, words, ideas & image."

- Wong Kar-Wai (via amyseimetz)

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"Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay."

-  Alexa Chung - IT  (via rlyrlyugly)

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Empire State (by segamatic)

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Paws & Effect (by C.S. Drake)

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"Make it happen. Shock everyone."

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Julian Renaud



Abandoned House in the Woods Taken Over by Wild Animals

Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström presents unique photo series, where he captures wild animals making themselves comfortable in abandoned houses in the woods of Finland. Titled The House in the Woods, the photo series is set in cottages near Kai’s summer house, which were abandoned by their tenants after the owner of the place died in a fire. Award-winning photographer noticed how the place was slowly being reclaimed by the nature, and what started as a few snapshots, ended up being a book, published in Finnish, German, and English.

“Deserted buildings are so full of contradictions,” says Kai. “I am fascinated by the way nature reclaims spaces that were, essentially, only ever on loan to humans.” Kai usually works with a clear image of what he wants to achieve in his head, although it make take some time for all elements to fall into place. The photographer has enough patience, however: “This is fine with me,” he says. “The journey is more important than the destination.“

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3005 - Childish Gambino

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Felix Odell - The Mist (2009)

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